EnergyTConsultant (ETC) - Annette Nüsslein · Meppener Str. 9 · 45145 Essen · Germany · Tel.: +49 (0)157 54859437 ·


We mentor and support our customers based on our excellent and longstanding industry knowledge and extensive international business network.

2005 – 2022

General information

  • We have been successfully operating in the international and German wind industry for 17 years.
  • We are active for businesses and start-ups, business development agencies, embassies, energy agencies, publishers and trade fair companies in the wind industry and others. 
  • We support onshore and offshore delegations from abroad, e.g. from the Netherlands, Scotland, the USA etc.
  • Founding and board member: Industrial Association for Repowering, Dismantling and Recycling of Wind Turbines (RDRWind e.V.) (07.12.2018, Hannover):

Our References

  • Business development (since 2005)
  • Online-Seminar & More (since 2020)
  • Mentoring of German startups since 2015 
  • Consultancy services / mentoring of European start-ups since 2017...
  • Circular Economy: Market reports about repowering, decommissioning and recycling of wind turbines (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Panel discussion during the HUSUM Wind 2017 and 2019: Dismantling and repowering of wind turbines 
  • Scottish Development International 2016 (SDI): Support of SDI and the Scottish offshore companies as part of WindEnergy Hamburg 2016
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 2015: Support of the Embassy and the Dutch offshore delegation, organization and execution of B2B matchmaking, tour programme in Hamburg and top level appointments
  • Mentoring of the leading international online business market place in the wind industry ( (Germany) (since 2013)
  • Renewables & energy efficiency: organized seminars, export seminars and international conferences (approx. 80) with international experts (wind energy, PV, green hydrogen, biogas, energy efficiency, green building) about business opportunities in Canada, France, Switzerland, UK, US (since 2003)
  • OMWINDENERGY (Operation & Maintenance & Innovation) (professional solutions)™ (registered brand) (since 2013)

Experiences, skills and resources

  • Our services are based on an experience and personal contacts with German decision makers in the wind industry established over a time span of 16 years.
  • We have a strong network of contacts with all strategically important German associations, organisations and clusters in the onshore and offshore sector.
  • We have organized international pavilions in the wind sector (Germany) since 2003, and in the US during the AWEA Windpower (since 2006).
  • We have been engaged as a member and strategic consultant in the research project of IPH Hannover: Decision Support Systems for the Dismantling / Repowering of Wind Turbines from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2017. 
  • We perform the following marketing services for our customers: studies, market research, background research, surveys and inquiries.

Networking & B2B Matchmaking

  • Our extensive network and longstanding contacts with the German onshore and offshore wind industry enable us to link European companies with German businesses and decision makers in a qualitatively and quantitatively effective way.
  • We also have a large database of wind energy companies throughout Europe and the US and a comprehensive XING and LinkedIn network.