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Business and Strategy Consultancy Annette Nüsslein. Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

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EnergyTConsultant: Service provider for the energy transition

Since 2005, windConsultant has been supporting the national and international energy transition as a management and strategy consultancy. Today in 2021, however, "windConsultant" is becoming "ETC EnergyTConsultant - Annette Nuesslein", because it is time to reflect the full scope of our services in our company title as well.

We are not only committed to wind energy but to the energy transition as a whole. Since our inception, our activities have embraced all strategies and technologies that contribute to the expansion and further development of the energy transition.

In additon to wind energy, we have helped foster technologies such as solar energy, biogas technology, energy efficiency, hydrogen technology, and also environmental technologies and the circular economy, by providing these industries with our business and strategy consulting services.

Our clients include companies, European start-ups, European regional development agencies, European ministries and organisations. We advise our clients at home and abroad, design robust transformation processes, optimise networks, establish cross-border cooperations and support business development, sales and PR.


  • Strategy consultancy
  • Business consultancy
  • Interim Management (with partners)
  • Business development, Marketing
  • Market reports, studies
  • Start-ups and innovative European companies


  • Export support and market entry
  • Consulting service: networks & clusters & economic development agencies
  • Trade fair stands at international events
  • Support of delegations, B2B matchmakings
  • Events


  • Wind energy: onshore, offshore, O&M
  • Wind energy: repowering, dismantling, decommissioning, recycling
  • Green hydrogen
  • PV & green building
  • Energy efficiency


Companies · Embassies · Business development agencies · Energy agencies · Networks & clusters · Trade fair companies

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