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Servicesearch is a new and spezialised online tool that lists companies and service providers in operation & maintenance (onshore / offshore).

Still not one of them?

If you would like to be presented with your service profile and logo for twelve months, send us an email to:

We will prominently display your services profile and support your sales team:

  • duration: 12 months. No automatic renewal.
  • Languages: German and/or English.
  • Contact person and link to your company.
  • up to 2 updates per year.
  • you can cancel your listing at any time.
  • cost: €95.00 plus VAT.

Submit an email to:

We will be pleased to provide you with further information.

Translation service requested:

You would want to have a professional translation of your listing? Get directly in contact with IRTS – Thomas Schickling, email: